Bredenbury Knox United Church


·        In the early days before 1911 services used to be held in different schools in the area, by missionaries, as ordained ministers were unable to be obtained.

·        During the summer of 1911 services were held in a large tent in the midst of Bredenbury while waiting for the new church that was being built

·        The first church was completed in the fall of 1911 services have been held regularly through the many years

·        Our church went through two world wars and the depression

·        1952 - an extension was built at the back of the church to accommodate Sunday School and meetings

·        1960 - the inside of the church and pews were remodelled and heating modernized

·        1972-1973 - Extension removed a full sized basement put under the church

·        Ongoing improvements have taken place over the years such as carpets, lighting, furnace, siding, shingles, painting and many other items to keep our church in good repair today.

Today the Knox United Church of Bredenbury belongs to the Four Town Pastoral charge with a half time minister serving the charge. Services are held at two points the first two Sundays of the month. Services are held at Langenburg both Sundays at 11:00 and (Bredenbury-Saltcoats) together in Saltcoats the first Sunday and in Bredenbury the second Sunday. Saltcoats-Bredenbury services are at 9:30 a.m. The third Sunday is a joint service on the Pastoral Charge, rotating points with those hosting, looking after preparing and presenting a service. On the fourth Sunday, each point looks after own service, no service if there is a fifth Sunday. Everyone welcome to attend.


Since the end of June 2014, our charge has been without an order of ministry. Fortunately for us Rev. Walter Farquharson has committed to looking after the first two Sundays of the month until the end of December 2014. The search committee continues to search for ministry and hopefully we’ll have a new schedule for the New Year – 2015.

Our church has a choir under the leadership of Darlene Burman and organist Lorne Neal. New voices are welcome at any time. Choir practise is Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the church.


The church continues to receive support and co-operation which keep our church open. Thanks to all who donate their time, talents, food and financial support weekly or support during fall canvas.


Our church has four noon luncheons and a craft show each year. There are two dinners in the fall and two in the spring. The next luncheons are March 18 and April 22, 2015.


Sunday Bulletins may be dedicated as memorials or for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. To book a Sunday, phone Cheryl at the church office. A suggested donation of $15 is payable to local treasurer Louise McLachlan.


Session Members Include:

Darlene Burman, Myrna Ritchie (now moved to Chruchbridge), Louise McLachlan, Margaret Nicholson, Bev McLaren, Eva Knott, Fred Nicholson and Keith Thorsness. Please contact any session member with any questions or concerns. If you feel that becoming a session member is something that you would consider, please let us know.


September 24 - Saltcoats @ 9:30 am,  brunch service

October 1 - Saltcoats @ 9:30 am with Sarah

October 8 - Bredenbury @ 9:30 am with Fred Nicholson

October 15 - Joint Service in Bredenbury @ 9:30 am with Sarah

October 22 - Saltcoats @ 9:30 am with Walter

October 29 - no service on the Pastoral Charge

November 5 Saltcoats @ 9:30 am with Shelly Morris

November 12 - Bredenbury @ 9:30 am with Sarah

November 19 - joint service in Saltcoats @ 9:30 am with Sarah

November 26 - Saltcoats @ 9:30 am,  brunch service

December 3 - Saltcoats @ 9:30 am with Sarah

December 10 - Bredenbury @ 9:30 am with Sarah

December 17 - joint service in Langenburg @ 11:00 am with Sarah

December 24 - Saltcoats @ 7:00 pm with Sarah, all welcome

December 24 - Langenburg @ 7:00 pm with Sarah, all welcome

December 31 - no service on the Pastoral Charge

Pastoral Charge Secretary-Treasurer – Cheryl Morphy

Phone (306) 744-2952; Fax (306) 744-2951; email:

Rev. Walter Farquharson (306) 744-2214; Cheryl home (306) 744-2971.

Office hours: Monday & Friday 8:30 a.m. – noon; 1- 4 p.m. Tuesday 8:30 a.m. – noon. Subject to change.