The Council of The Town of Bredenbury, in the Province of Saskatchewan, enacts as



a)         It shall be unlawful to discharge/drain any sanitary sewage, industrial waste or other polluted water into the natural drainage system, except with the express permission of Town Council.


b)         All new buildings shall be connected to the sewage system where public          sewers are available. Where public sewers are not available, said buildings            shall be provided with a private sewer disposal system in accordance with the       regulations of the department of Public Health of the Province of      Saskatchewan.


c)         No person shall discharge a sump pump, or cause to be discharged any storm            water, ground water, roof run-off or other unpolluted water to any Sanitary      Sewer.


d)         No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged any of the following         described kinds of water or wastes to any drain connected with the storm or                        sewer system of the Town:


                        1) Fats, oil or grease.

                        2) Gasoline, benzenes, naphtha, fuel oil or other flammable or                                            explosive liquid, solid or gas.

                        3) Any water or waste containing a toxic substance in sufficient                                                     quantity to injure or interfere with the operation of the sewage                                       system or to constitute a hazard to persons or animals.

                        4) Any water or waste containing suspended solids of such character                                 and quantity that unusual care and/or expense are required to                                          handle such materials in the Sewer System.


Bylaw No. 330, passed on September 5, 2007, being a Bylaw to regulate the municipal sewage system.