Water Meter Uninstalled Penalty Bylaw


Town of Bredenbury


BYLAW NO.  366





The Council of the Town of Bredenbury in the Province of Saskatchewan, enacts as follows:


1.      This bylaw may be referred to as the “Water Meter Uninstalled Penalty Bylaw”.


2.      “Municipality” means the Town of Bredenbury



3.      Every person who contravenes any provision of this bylaw of the municipality is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction:

    1. Starting July 1, 2014 for every residence that does not have a water meter installed the person (home owner) will pay a fine of $50 per month;
    2. Starting July 1, 2014 for every person (home owner) that does not allow municipality to check status or repair of water meter will pay a fine of $50 per month;
    3. If fines are left unpaid the municipality reserves the right to disconnect utility services. If utility services are requested to be reconnected all fines must be paid in full and the reconnection fee paid.
    4. Starting July 1, 2014 the costs for installation of water meter are payable by the person (home owner).
    5. If water meter is damaged due to neglect, freezing, etc. the person (home owner) will have to pay for the water meter in full at a cost of $400.


4.      This bylaw shall come into force and take effect on June 11, 2014.