Open Fire Pit Bylaw:

The Town of Bredenbury has created an Open Outdoor Fire Bylaw, please read the attached bylaw. Fire pits are allowed as long as you follow the guidelines in the bylaw. If you require an open outdoor fire you need to contact the fire department and apply for a permit as in “Schedule A”.


ATV Bylaw:

Remember riding ATV’s within town limits is a privilege, and please abide by the Bylaw; we do not want to ban ATV’s from town limits.



WOW, great job to all the residents and businesses who have improved their property appearances over the past month. The town is starting to look great.


Many of you will have noticed the flower baskets up again on Main Street; these were purchased from Young’s plant world with some of the profits from Centennial.


The Town of Bredenbury also has some preliminary plans to improve the corner park across from Mings this year with some of the Centennial profits.


Golf Club:

The Golf Club will be hosting their Annual Night Golf Tournament on Saturday, August 9, 2014.


The Golf Club is selling raffle tickets for $2 each or 3 for $5. First prize is a Retro Roughrider Jersey valued at $200 donated by Sask. Power. Second and third prize are $50 Co-op Gift Certificates donated by Yorkton Co-op. Fourth prize is a lawn chair donated by L&M Building Movers. Tickets available from golf card members, Bredenbury Town Office, Bredenbury Grocery Store and Bredenbury Hotel. Draw date will be September 14 at the Members tournament.



Temporary Back Alley Closures:

The Town of Bredenbury has Temporary closed the following back alleys:

1.     Back alley in Block 45, Plan AB669 in between 6th Street and 7th Street;

2.     Back alley in Block 17, Plan AB669 in between Broadway Avenue, Horace Street and Dominion Street;

3.     Back alley in Block 9, Plan X2326 in between Second Avenue and Third Avenue;

4.     Back alley in Block 12, Plan AA39 in between First Street and Kensington Avenue.


Public Notice Back Alley Permanent Closures:

The Town of Bredenbury is proposing a bylaw to permanently close four undeveloped back alleys in the municipality, pending approval from appropriate public utilities.


The Municipality agrees to close the following:


1.     Back alley in Block 45, Plan AB669 in between 6th Street and 7th Street;

2.     Back alley in Block 17, Plan AB669 in between Broadway Avenue, Horace Street and Dominion Street;

3.     Back alley in Block 9, Plan X2326 in between Second Avenue and Third Avenue;

4.     Back alley in Block 12, Plan AA39 in between First Street and Kensington Avenue.


Please see attached map, note on the map that the North South Back alley in Block 17 and the East/West Back Alley in Block 15 was previously closed in 1988.


The said bylaw will only allow the following persons to drive down the above captioned back alleys: Emergency Vehicles, Public Utility Vehicles, Municipal Vehicles, and residents that reside on the back alley in question. No other residents will be permitted or allowed to drive down the said back alley.


There will be fine penalties for anyone who contravenes the said bylaw and the Town of Bredenbury has already spoken to the RCMP about the enforcement of bylaw. The RCMP is willing to enforce this bylaw. Contravenes of the bylaw will include but not limited to: ATV’s, Light Vehicles, Snowmobiles, Golf Carts, Scooters, Motor Bikes, etc. unable to access the closed back alleys unless they live on that back alley. Liability will fall on the owner of the vehicle or recreational vehicle, even if owner is not driving and the owner will be fined.


Any person claiming to be affected prejudicially by the proposed bylaw or that person’s agent has the opportunity to be heard at the next regular meeting of council to be held on Monday, July 7, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. at 201 – 3rd Street commencing at 4:00 p.m.


Water Meters:

Almost all the water meters have been installed or taken to be installed, a few letters were sent out last week to individuals who still have not picked up their water meter. Please note the town will no longer install the new meters, but there will be fines if they are not installed by June 30, 2014. Please see attached bylaw.


A few water meters that were installed in the past are not working properly. The Town of Bredenbury public works will come around and see what the issue may be. Those people affected were sent letters last week.


The water read system is not quite operational as the hand held reader is in for a software upgrade. We will read the meters as soon as the reader is upgraded, and write letters to any additional residents that may have an issue with their meter.


On October 1, 2014 we will go online and do our “first official read”; we will do our “first official final quarter read” on December 31, 2014. Please note that you will not be billed for any overage until the January, 2015 bill. It is expected that most residents will not be over their usage.


Event Sign by Highway:

The Town of Bredenbury has purchased the Event Sign by the Highway. Local Boards and Recreations can advertise their event on the board. The letters can be picked up at the town office to help you display your event on your own, without getting someone out from Yorkton. Currently the Golf Club has utilized the sign, advertising their tournaments. Centennial profit funds were used for this purchase.


Harassment of Residents:

Several residents have been complaining about children/teenagers ringing door bells or knocking on doors and taking off. The RCMP has been called about this situation. This is an act of mischief under the Criminal Code section 430 and people can be charged by RCMP for this misconduct.


If you are a resident and had this happen to you, please contact the RCMP and parents or caregivers please talk to your children about the severity of this sort of conduct.


Door to Door Recycling:

The Town of Bredenbury will be going to door to door recycling, starting October 1, 2014; this is to coincide with a grant newly available to assist with costs of residential recycling. The process fees are lower for door to door recycling because it is shipped to Regina, rather than being sorted in Yorkton.


Businesses that request a larger bin for their recyclables should contact the town office to make those arrangements, and additional cost may be applicable.


The recycle bins will be the same size as the residential garbage container except blue. It is not yet determined how often the recycle bins will be picked up.


Recyclables should not be bagged and all the recyclables can be mixed together – NO MORE SORTING! For now continue to use the large blue bin behind the grocery store.


Garbage Bins Left on the Street:

Please remember to remove your garbage bin off the street after each pickup. We realize sometimes you are gone for a few days, but try your best to put the bin on the street morning of garbage day and take it off evening after garbage day.


It makes the town look more organized and tidy without the bins on the street; also it is easier to put garbage in bin next to house rather than walking to the street each time. Thanks for your cooperation.


Canada Post:

With the unfortunate closing of the Grocery Store at the end of July, 2014, Canada Post is looking for a business to take over the postal service. Canada Post will be in Bredenbury this week or next week to speak with local businesses about the opportunity. If you would like to speak to them please call the town office and your name can be forwarded to Canada Post.


If no business is willing to take this on, the likely result will be outside boxes and parcels will need to be picked up in a neighbouring town.