There has been several incidents where individuals have been reported driving unnecessarily on residents frontages. Frontages are town property, and we appreciate that residents who live there take care of this property, either through snow removal or cutting of grass. Please do not drive on frontages, keep your wheels on the pavement part of the road or gravel part of the road. Thank you.



The Town of Bredenbury would like to welcome Colby Jacob as our Summer Student this year. Colby has been working with us since end of June and is doing a great job!

Kelsey Campbell is now working full time for the Town of Bredenbury. Kelsey previously worked for the town as a summer student. Kelsey graduated grade 12 and we are pleased to have her working for us.

Wayne Mountain has put in a resignation and has accepted a full time position at Athabasca Security. We like to wish Wayne good luck with his future endeavors.

The Town of Bredenbury is now accepting applications for a full time public works person. Please see advertisement on Salary is negotiable.


Post Office:

The post office boxes will be moved to a temporary location in Round Up Butcher Shop at 151 Third Street. These boxes will be accessible only during regular business hours during the transition period. This will be Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. They will be moved over on July 31, 2014 in the evening.

Residents please exercise patience with during the transition period, we are very thankful to have kept our post office open.

Round Up is building a new separate structure once a contractor and building permit can be arranged, then the post office boxes will be moved to this new building. This new building will then have post office boxes accessible 24 hours a day; with stamps and parcel pick-up during shop hours.


Fire Pit:

Just to clarify the Fire Pit Bylaw, only requires you to obtain a fire permit if you do not have a fire pit. If you have a fire pit which is acceptable and safe, then no permit is required.


Flood Disaster Report & Donations Accepted:

The lift station is now working okay; we had to replace both lift station pumps at a cost of approximately $15,000. We have sent away the two broken ones to hopefully be repaired at a cost of $3,500 each.


The water pressure is still set a little below normal, to keep water usage at a minimum for a bit longer. 


We are still pumping at the Rose Bowl and Golf Course; we want to continue to pump until the Rose Bowl and Golf Course are at the same level.


The Town of Bredenbury is still looking for a more permanent solution to stop the inflow of water into our community.


PDAP engineers are going to be in Bredenbury to estimate the municipal damages on Wednesday, July 16, 2014. Residents will be contacted directly with their own PDAP consultant if they apply for coverage; this is not done through the municipality. At this time we are unsure how much PDAP will cover.


It was suggested that the Town of Bredenbury accept donations to assist with disaster costs. The Town of Bredenbury has set up a charitable account, so donations can be made to the Town of Bredenbury to help cover costs from this disaster. Anyone who wishes to make a donation will be given a tax deductible receipt. Donations can be made at the town office or mailed to Box 87, Bredenbury, Sask. S0A 0H0. Thanks for your support.


 Sump Pumps:

After our recent flood disaster, now it is more evident than ever that all residents should have their sump pumps connected to outside and not to the sewer system. Please make arrangements to have this completed.


Office Hours:

The Town of Bredenbury and Farrell Agencies will be closed from Wednesday, July 16-July 22, 2014 inclusive.


Thank you:

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the flood. Thank you to all people who brought in tractors, pumps, pipe, fuel, etc. all this help saved our town. Thank you to all residents for your patience during the flood. Thank you to all Council and Employees for their hard work during the flood.