MAY 2020

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Town of Bredenbury during COVID-19:
The municipality has been following the guidelines set out by the Government of Saskatchewan and have closed all of our public buildings. This includes Town office, Bredenbury Busy Bees, Bredenbury Hall, and Bredenbury Rink.

The Town office and Farrell Agencies/Westland Insurance is still open by phone or email only from Monday – Thursday. The messages are also checked on the weekends. It is expected the office will reopen within a few weeks. Watch Facebook for updates. 

You can also do most SGI Transactions over the phone now, just call the office at 306-898-2055 and we can assist you with options. One option is to sign up for MySGI so you can do your own SGI Transactions online. If you are doing them online please pick Bredenbury Farrell Agencies/Westland Insurance as your issuer; then the local office receives the remuneration to help keep it open. 

The Playground, public washroom and Spray Park will remain closed. The opening of this is not until Phase 4 or later of Re-Open Saskatchewan plan.

The Ball Diamonds and Tennis Court will not be blocked off, but they only can be utilized by immediate family members and 1 other family if both parties agree as per guidelines by government. There can never be more than 10 people there at a time. Maintain social distancing of 2 meters apart, so tagging someone out is not allowable. These regulations may change in weeks or months so watch for further updates. 

Lift Station:
Many people are utilizing disinfectant wipes, baby wipes, etc. more than usually during this time. Please remember do not flush these items, the lift station could get plugged and cause sewer backup to the entire municipality. Public Works has been keeping an eye on this and so far things have been good, so thank you.

Hydrant Flushing:
Public works will be flushing hydrants middle of May, watch for posters and Facebook for the day. During that day you may experience decreased water pressure and discoloration in your water. 

Golf Course:
The Golf Course can be open officially on May 15, 2020. The clubhouse and washroom is not allowed to be opened. There must only be one person per cart (exception family members). There will be no tournaments, men night, ladies night or seniors golf until further restrictions of group settings lift. Practice social distancing.

Fees can now be paid by calling the town office at 306-898-2055 using your credit card; send an e-transfer to; pay Robert & Heather Taylor in person; drop off a cheque off in the drop off slot at town office. Debit once office is re-opened.

Fees remain unchanged from last year:
Family - $200
Adult - $150
Senior - $125
Student - $50
Daily - $10
Coupon Book – 6 rounds for $50

Thank you for your continued support. 

Taxes have been mailed out. There is no tax increase this year. There will be a 5% municipal discount for taxes that are paid before July 31, 2020. There will be a 3% municipal discount for taxes that are paid before September 30, 2020. All taxes must be paid by December 31. 

Taxes can be paid online with your Roll # - use the 3 numbers not including the zeros in front of the main numbers. You can also pay taxes through your bank through telephone banking.

You can set up for automatic monthly withdrawals at the town office. You can do this by calling the town office to get set up. All we need is a voided cheque.

E-transfers are also accepted for tax payments. Email e-transfers to Email a password separately.

You can also call the office with a credit card, we don’t retain credit card numbers. You can also mail a cheque or drop a cheque off in the drop off box outside the town office. Please avoid cash transactions at this time. 

Lions Mothers Day Brunch:
The Lions Mother’s Day Brunch has been cancelled for this year due to COVID.

Utility Notices & Increase Billing:
Utility Notices for April-June have been mailed out. The bills are to be paid by end of April; however there is no interest on utility bills until October 2020. You can pay utility bills online through your bank please use the 3 digit account number in most cases not using the zeros prior to account number.

Starting in October 2020 the utility bills which includes Water, Sewer & Recycle will increase to $234 for Residents, $282 for Commercial properties and $510 for industrial properties. The water overage amount will remain the same at 65 cents per cubic meter if you go over 45 cubic meters. This increase is required to cover increases costs, less grant opportunities and to save for future capital upgrades. 

If you want to see how much water you use in a day, each day around the same time go to your meter and shine a flashlight on it and write down the numbers, remember to include the decimal place. We suggest your write your numbers down daily on a calendar. If you see the water meter moving and you absolutely know there is no water running then chances are you have a leak somewhere in your house.  Approximately 15-25 percent of the population have some overages, more in the summer.  

We are in the process of surveying out a new part of the cemetery and legally registering our cemetery. 

With these additional costs Council has decided to raise the rates for one cemetery plot from $125 to $150 this will come into effect July 1, 2020. In addition each time the plot is disturbed for a new interment (there is up to 4 cremations allowed on each plot) then there will be an additional $150 each time to help cover maintenance costs. 

With the new cemetery we will be able to more accurately mark graves because the area will be surveyed and pinned. 

We would like to acknowledge and thank the RM of Saltcoats for their grant of $2500 per year for the last several years to help with costs associated with the cemetery. 

E-billing – “Win one paid Utility Bill”:
We are looking at adding an e-billing option to our utility and tax invoices. You would no longer receive a copy of water or tax billing the mail it would be emailed to you.

As an incentive to provide you email address the Town of Bredenbury will be raffling off one quarter of utility bill. To be entered to win you must provide the Town of Bredenbury your email address. You will also receive an entry if you sign up for monthly automatic withdrawals for utility bills or taxes. 

We hope to start implementing the e-billing starting in October. So the draw will be in September for one winner of a paid utility bill.

Fill out the form below and email it to; mail it to Box 87, Bredenbury, Sask. S0A 0H0 or drop it off in the drop off box outside the town office. 

Names: ______________________________________________________________


Email: ______________________________________________________________

Phone number: ______________________________________________________

Compost Area:
The compost area is open for the season. You can take your branches, leaves, lawn, etc. to the compost area. For those that are new to town; you would head out of Bredenbury towards North/west exit as if you are going to Yorkton, but before you get to the highway you would turn down the last North gravel road it is about 1 km down that road on West side.  Road right after cemetery road.

Remember do not leave garbage or garbage bags at this area, if these items are left there we can be banned from even having a compost area by the government. 

Yard Cleaning:
Expectations of the community are that everyone keeps their grass trimmed, their weeds sprayed or pulled and items such as old lumber, tree branches, old tires, and unregistered vehicles removed from your property. Letters may be sent out directly to some residents with regards to these matters. 

If you see a town owned property that can use some TLC please call the office as we try our best keep publicly owned property maintained. 

Lot Surveys:
There are no current lot surveys for most of the community. It is the homeowner responsibility to survey their own property if they need to do so for construction or for their own purposes. 

This being said you can get a rough idea using the measurements of streets and back alleys. All streets are 66 feet with the exception of Broadway and Dominion Avenue being 99 feet. And all back alleys are 20 feet. Manholes are engineered to be in the middle of the streets.

Fire Pits:
Fire pits are allowed in the community as long as they are a certified fire pit and preferably covered. There is no open burning allowed without a permit. The fire chief reserves the right to extinguish any fire they see that poses a danger to the community. 

Please do not burn when the conditions are extremely high for a fire, which they are currently. The municipality may at any time decide to put on a fire ban when dry conditions exist. Updates will be provided on Facebook.

Building Permit:
Residents please get your building permit prior to building at your property. It is so difficult to backtrack. We can even email you the permit form and you can email it back. Basically the process is: fill out the permit; draw up a lot plan; call inspector to arrange for inspection (inspector gives you great hints on how to make the process go smooth); pay invoice from municipality when mailed to you. 

The municipality only charges exactly what inspector charges municipality, the town makes no income on this. The inspector is required to protect you from contractors and to protect future buyers. 

All things don’t need an inspection, but all things need a building permit; including demolition. These permits are also used in the fall to present to SAMA for reassessments. 

Something like a fence requires a permit for $10 but no inspection. A small shed over 100 square feet requires a permit, but usually not an inspection. Even sea cans are taxable. The taxation rules are mandated by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency not the municipality. 

ATV Bylaw:
This is a reminder that as per bylaw if you are riding a dirt bike, golf cart, quad, etc. within town limits you must enter and exit town by the fastest route to your residents.

Sump Pumps:
Reminder that sump pumps must be discharged outside and not into the sewage system as per municipal bylaw. The sewage system is unable to keep up otherwise and homes will risk sewer backup. 

Crow Shooters:
Reminder if you have a nuisance of crows, skunks, coyotes, etc. Please call the office or contact a Crow Shooter on the list: Brad Altwasser, Ed Lefebre, Donald Kitzul, Ray Varga, Doyle Banman, Jonas St. Marie, Ken Reykjalin, Terry Kitzul, Devin Schad, Merv Wiley.

Spring Clean up:
The Town of Bredenbury will again be offering free garbage pickup to promote spring cleaning.  You can book a time for pickup for May 12 & 13 by calling the office at 306-898-2055 or emailing You must be able to help public works load and items must be placed outdoors. Household garbage not accepted. The pickup is for things such as old dresser, mattress, exercise equipment, lumber, old fridge, etc. 

Re Open Saskatchewan Plan copied from Website:
Five Phases of the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan:

The Re-Open Saskatchewan plan consists of five phases.  The timing and order of the businesses and workplaces included in each phase is subject to change throughout the process based on a continuous assessment of transmission patterns and other factors.

Phase One – Beginning May 4, 2020
The first phase of the plan includes the re-opening of medical services restricted under the current public health order, and the resumption of low-risk outdoor recreational activities, including fishing and boat launches, golf courses and a fixed date for parks and campgrounds.  The size restrictions of public and private gatherings will remain at a maximum of 10 people.
On May 4, public access to medical services will be reinstated, including access to dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, opticians, podiatry, occupational therapy and chiropractic treatment.  When it is not possible to physically distance, providers will be required to take precautionary measures as outlined by the Chief Medical Health Officer.
Low-risk outdoor recreational activities will be allowable with precautionary measures, including fishing and boat launches (May 4), golfing with physical distancing guidelines (May 15) and a fixed date (June 1) and clear guidelines for the operation of parks and campgrounds.
Phase Two – May 19, 2020
The second phase of the plan includes the May 19 re-opening of retail businesses and select personal services that were previously not deemed allowable.
The size restrictions of public and private gatherings will remain at a maximum of 10 people.
A full list of retail businesses and select personal services that will be deemed allowable in phase two is included in the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan, along with guidance, protocols, and physical distancing measures that allowable businesses and services are required to observe.
Phase Three – Date To Be Determined
The third phase will be implemented following an evaluation of transmission patterns of COVID-19, and does not have a pre-determined date.  The third phase will include the re-opening of remaining personal services, along with the re-opening of restaurant-type facilities, gyms and fitness facilities, licensed establishments and childcare facilities.  Capacity limits will remain in some facilities, such as limits to 50 per cent of regular capacity for restaurants and licensed establishments.
All businesses and customers will be expected to maintain physical distancing practices, guidelines and recommendations.
Other than in allowable businesses, the size of public and private gatherings will increase to a maximum of 15 people.
Phase Four – Date To Be Determined
 The fourth phase will be implemented following an evaluation of transmission patterns of COVID-19, and does not have a pre-determined date.  The fourth phase will include the re-opening of indoor and outdoor recreation and entertainment facilities.
All businesses and customers will be expected to maintain physical distancing practices, guidelines and recommendations.
Other than in allowable businesses, the size of public and private gatherings will increase to a maximum of 30 people.
Phase Five – Date To Be Determined
 The fifth phase will be implemented following an evaluation of transmission patterns of COVID-19 and the preceding four phases, and will include the consideration of lifting long-term restrictions.