APRIL 2020

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Town of Bredenbury during COVID-19:
The municipality has been following the guidelines set out by the Government of Saskatchewan and have closed all of our public buildings. This includes Town office, Bredenbury Busy Bees, Bredenbury Hall, and Bredenbury Rink. 

There are a few businesses that have decided to close their doors for now, they include: Red Beard’s Bar & Grill and Ming Wong’s Restaurant. Only essential businesses are now allowed to be legally open. Essential businesses include but are not limited to: grocery, gas, post offices, delivery drivers, pharmacies.

If the restrictions continue the Golf Club House will not be opened either. That doesn’t mean you can’t golf, just golf alone and stay 1+ meters away from anyone else. 

The Public Washroom will also not be opened until this ends. The Playground is off limits, playgrounds are not sanitized and this virus can live possibly up to 9 days on some surfaces. 

The Town office is still open by phone or email only from Monday – Thursday. The messages are also checked on the weekends. You can also do most SGI Transactions over the phone now, just call the office at 306-898-2055 and we can assist you with options. 

Remember if you are a vulnerable person or are in self isolations, we have volunteers that will pick up your mail, groceries, prescriptions, just call the office and we will set it up. If you have no cash, don’t worry we can work with e-transfers and cheques.

There are some families that are in self isolation from returning to Canada. Thank you for your diligence in keeping our community safe. 

The new rule is “If you don’t live with them; then stay 1 meter minimum away”. Do this where ever you go such as: grocery stores, post offices, etc.

Symptoms of the virus such as: Sore Throat, Dry Cough, Fever, Shortness of breath. This virus attacks your lungs. Those that are most vulnerable are those who: over 60, asthmatic, or have other underlining medical condition.
Call 811 if you suspect you have the virus and want to be tested; we have been told you can leave a message and they will call you back it may take 12 hours or so to receive a call back. They will assess you and decide if you should go to a testing location. There is a self assessment tool online as well on the Government of Saskatchewan website. Another option is to call Public Health or you local doctor. Under no circumstances show up in a doctors office or hospital knowingly with symptoms. If you matter is urgent then call 911 but let them know you feel you are compromised with the disease.

Lift Station:
Many people are utilizing disinfectant wipes, baby wipes, etc. more than usually during this time. Please remember do not flush these items, the lift station could get plugged and cause sewer backup to the entire municipality. Public Works has been keeping an eye on this and so far things have been good, so thank you.

Spring Melt:
The public works department has been working hard to keep an eye on the spring melt. If you see an area where flooding is occurring please contact the town office.
Church Luncheons:
There will be no Church Luncheons until the fall.

Assessments & Taxes:
Taxes will be mailed out shortly. There is no tax increase this year. There will be a 5% municipal discount for taxes that are paid before July 31, 2020. There will be a 3% municipal discount for taxes that are paid before September 30, 2020. All taxes must be paid by December 31. 

Taxes can be paid online with your Roll # - use the 3 numbers and add 2 zeros at the end if you need more than 3 digits. You can also pay taxes through your bank through telephone banking.

You can set up for automatic monthly withdrawals at the town office. You can do this by calling the town office to get set up. All we need is a voided cheque, which most times can be found on your online banking. 

E-transfers are also accepted for tax payments. Email e-transfers to Email password separately.

You can also call the office with a credit card, we don’t retain credit card numbers. You can also mail a cheque or drop a cheque off in the drop off box outside the town office. No cash please. 

If you need to make payment arrangements due to financial constraints during this time, please call the office to discuss. 

Utility Notices:
Utility Notices will be mailed out shortly. There will no longer be any interest added to utility accounts starting March 2020 until further notice. 

The Town of Bredenbury has applied to the Local Government Committee to ask permission for an increase in water & sewer rates. The utility budget is no longer self sustaining; previously we had Gas Tax Grant that was utilized for water & sewer projects. That Gas Tax Grant has expired for the utility budget and has been reapplied for under General Budget projects, such as Rink renovations and Fire Hall renovations.

E-billing – “Win one paid Utility Bill”:
We are looking at adding an e-billing option to our utility and tax invoices. You would no longer receive a copy of water or tax billing the mail it would be emailed to you.

As an incentive to provide you email address the Town of Bredenbury will be raffling off one quarter of utility bill. To be entered to win you must provide the Town of Bredenbury your email address. You will also receive an entry if you sign up for monthly automatic withdrawals for utility bills or taxes. 

We hope to start implementing the e-billing starting in October. So the draw will be in September for one winner of a paid utility bill.

Fill out the form below and email it to; mail it to Box 87, Bredenbury, Sask. S0A 0H0 or drop it off in the drop off box outside the town office. 

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