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August office Hours:
The office will be closed August 7-18. Messages will be checked occasionally.

Busy Bees Health Clinic:
Busy Bees will be hosting monthly Heath Clinic on Wednesday, August 7 from 1-3. Everyone Welcome. 

Bredenbury Rink Report:
Revenue (not including any grants or donations) *Outstanding revenue included:
    Ad Boards - $3,400
    Kitchen Transfers - $9,500
    Ice Rentals October to March - $29,384
    Ice Rentals April to June - $29,366
    Total: 71,650.00
    October to December Utility Bills - $15,775
    October to December maintenance & Supplies - $11,475
    October to March Wages - $19,768
January to March Utility Bills - $10,084
January to March Maintenance & Supplies - $4,980
April to June Utility Bills - $17,200
April to June maintenance & supplies - $5,640
April to June Wages - $5,442
Total: $90,364.00

Loss (18,714.00)

*Outstanding Revenue:
Ad Board - $200
Ice Rental Team One - $1680.00
Ice Rental Team Two - $2560.00

Capital Project Main Street:
The sidewalk that runs down Kensington Avenue will be replaced from 3rd street to 2nd street.

Capital Project Rink:
The Minor Sports room of the rink will be converted to a Referee room with shower and bathroom facilities. Next budget year we hope to renovate the men’s and women’s bathrooms in the rink basement as well. 

Capital Project School & School Yard:
The ball diamond at the school yard will see a couple of dugouts.

The old school roof will be shingled. After closer inspection with commercial building inspector it was decided the building was worth more to utilize it; that the costs to tear it down and haul it away. 

The intention will be for the school renovation to occur in stages with the first stage being the rejuvenation of the school gym area and library area for a new fire hall. This will start with electrical work and large fire doors this year and next year completion with plumbing and finishing work.

The old fire hall will then be used as additional shop room as we currently there is not enough room to keep all equipment indoors. Council feels this option will be significantly lower cost than building a new fire hall and or shop.

The remainder of the school’s future is unknown but Council wants to keep all options open for possibly renting other portions of the school out to future businesses or organizations.