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Wellness Clinic:
The Busy Bees will be hosting their monthly wellness clinic on Wednesday, August 1 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Everyone welcome.
Spray Park:
The Spray Park bathroom has been completed. Thanks to Kirk Byczynski for doing an amazing job. 

Thank you to Churchbridge Credit Union for their donation of $3000 towards the bathroom/change room facility. Thank you to Bredenbury Lions Club who has graciously committed to $10,000 over 5 years for the bathroom/change room at the spray park. 

Recyclable Drop off Location (Cans, Bottles, Juice Containers, Milk Jugs):
Please drop off all cans, bottles, milk cartons, etc. in the bin located at the back of the town office next to the library steps.  Thank you for your continued support of our rink.

Farrell Agencies Bredenbury:
Do you use MySGI; if so please consider putting Bredenbury Farrell Agencies as your issuer online. Then the local office can receive the remuneration from SGI for it. That remuneration helps the office stay open here in Bredenbury. Thank you for your support!
With the continuous high speeds of vehicles around town, council has decided to amend the traffic bylaw. This includes removing yield signs on the Corner of 6th Street and Kensington Avenue and replacing them with stop signs.

In addition a set of speed bumps were installed at the 300 block of Dominion Street to slow down traffic. Many children are crossing the street in that area to go play in the school yard. 

The speed limit in town is 40 km an hour; we will add more speed signs as well to make sure that the speed limit is clear from all entrances as well. Let’s keep everyone safe!
Sump Pump Bylaw:
Please ensure that your sump pumps are discharging outside of your house into your yard. It is illegal to have your sump pumps discharging into the sewer system. The sump water is perfect water for watering your grass and garden.
Building Permit:
Residents please get your building permit prior to building at your property. It is so difficult to backtrack. We can even email you the permit form and you can email it back. Basically the process is: fill out the permit; draw up a lot plan; call inspector to arrange for inspection (inspector gives you great hints on how to make the process go smooth); pay invoice from municipality when mailed to you. 
The municipality only charges exactly what inspector charges municipality, the town makes no income on this. The inspector is required to protect you from contractors and to protect future buyers. 
Something like a fence requires a permit for $10 but no inspection. A small shed under 100 square feet requires a permit, but usually not an inspection. Even sea cans are taxable. The taxation rules are mandated by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency not the municipality. 
Town office and Farrell Agencies Summer Closed:
The office will be closed August 9-19 inclusive.
The rink is now advertising for the position of Kitchen Manager and Ice surface and Zamboni operator. See attached. 
Craft Show:
The United Church will be hosting their annual craft show on Saturday, December 1, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at the Bredenbury Hall. For a table call Louise at 306898-2034 or Margaret at 306-898-2122. Lunch will be available. 
School Yard:
The ball diamond has been completed. As well the soccer nets are set up; and the horseshoes pits are ready. Go to school yard and enjoy a game.