JUNE 2018

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Wellness Clinic:
The Busy Bees will be hosting their monthly wellness clinic on Wednesday, June 6, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Everyone welcome.
Spray Park:
The Spray Park is now open. There is construction in progress in the area; the municipality is building a bathroom/change room for the area. Please stay clear of construction area. At times the spray park may need to be turned off during construction period.
The bathroom/change room received generous donations from several sources to make this possible. These donations will be put in a future newsletter once announcement is made officially.

Old Fire Hall and Recyclable Drop off Location:
The old fire hall building has been sold to a local business who intends on setting up an office space and showcase room in town. Council decided to sell this building because the cost to fix the building exceeded our need for it. 

The recyclable area will be moved to a new location. For now you can drop bags off at the back of the town office next to the library steps. Watch for future posters on new location.  Each year the recyclables make the rink $3000-$5000.

Free Garbage Pickup:
Free garbage pickup week was a success, picking up from approximately 30 locations. Remember you still can have your unneeded garbage picked up for $20 a backhoe load, just call the office to book a time. 

Lions Picnic:
The Lions Annual Picnic will be held on Tuesday, June 5 from 5 - 7 p.m. Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Watermelon, Coffee or Juice. No charge. Donations welcome.
Automatic Withdrawals Water Overages:
Reminder that your June automatic withdrawals for utility account will reflect any overages your account has to date. The next overage withdrawal will be in December. If you have any questions call the office. 
Yard Cleaning:
Expectations of the community are that everyone keeps their grass trimmed, their weeds sprayed or pulled and items such as old lumber, tree branches, old tires, and unregistered vehicles removed from your property. Letters may be sent out directly to some residents with regards to these matters. 
If you see a town owned property that can use some TLC please call the office as we try our best keep publicly owned property maintained. 
Fire Department BBQ raffle:
The winner of the Fire Department BBQ raffle was Colleen Parkin Kempton from Langenburg. The raffle raised approximately $2000 to go towards upgrades to fire trucks.

School Recreation Shed:
If you would like to borrow a set of Frisbees, the horseshoes, a soccer ball, baseball bat, bases, badminton net, soft ball, basketball, etc. there are key holders for the storage shed at the school yard by the tennis court. 
You can go to one of the following addresses and sign out the key; please use the key for only a day or less; unless you have a large event you need it for. Please lock it up after. 
School Shed Key Holders: 

  • Town of Bredenbury Office - 201 3rd Street
  • Devin Schad - 110 York Street
  • Anna Bergen - 130 1st Street
  • Twila Brears - 211 5th Street
  • America Moriera -301 Dominion Street
  • Fred Nicholson - 221 4th Street
  • Ray Isaac - 91 2nd Avenue
  • Chris Friesen - 300 Third Avenue

School Yard Ball Diamond:
Many of you have already noticed business at the old school yard ball diamond. A group of volunteers came forward with the initiative to put up a fence around the ball diamond, and add in dugouts. Donations flooded in to provide materials and labour for the project. 
Currently we have several residents that go to Churchbridge to play ball, the goal is for them to play ball in Bredenbury and in the future be able to host fundraising tournaments. The group hopes to add in another field in the future depending on demand. 
We hope by adding to the ball field facilities we will keep residents active and help them to be able to stay in Bredenbury for that recreation. The community is growing with many new faces, and many new young families. 
The Town intends on replanting trees on the other side of the fence once the diamond is complete. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 
Building Permit:
Residents please get your building permit prior to building at your property. It is so difficult to backtrack. We can even email you the permit form and you can email it back. Basically the process is: fill out the permit; draw up a lot plan; call inspector to arrange for inspection (inspector gives you great hints on how to make the process go smooth); pay invoice from municipality when mailed to you. 
The municipality only charges exactly what inspector charges municipality, the town makes no income on this. The inspector is required to protect you from contractors and to protect future buyers. 
All things don’t need an inspection, but all things need a building permit; including demolition. These permits are also used in the fall to present to SAMA for reassessments. 
Something like a fence requires a permit for $10 but no inspection. A small shed over 100 square feet requires a permit, but usually not an inspection. Even sea cans are taxable. The taxation rules are mandated by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency not the municipality.