MAY 2018

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Curling Funspiel:
Thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered, watched, and ate during the Curling FunSpiel on April 6 & 7. The event was truly a fun weekend. We hope to do it again next year. The event profited $4,600 for the rink.
Wellness Clinic:
The Busy Bees will be hosting their monthly wellness clinic on Wednesday, May 2, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Everyone welcome.
Craft Show:
Holly Penner is hosting a Craft Show at the Bredenbury Hall on May 5, 2018 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Free admission.
Community Wide Garage Sale:
The Community Wide Garage Sales in Bredenbury will be on May 5; start time at 10:00 a.m. (some may start earlier or later). There are 9 registered garage sales. 
Many of them are multi-family garage sales. A garage sale on 2nd Street will also have lemonade and cookies available. 
Map attached to newsletter. In addition maps will be left in the Post office.
Taxes have been mailed out. If taxes are paid before July 31 you receive a 5% municipal discount. All taxes must be paid before December 31. 
Bredenbury Lions Mother’s Day Brunch:
The Bredenbury Lions will be hosting their annual Mother’s Day Brunch at the Bredenbury Busy Bees on Sunday, May 13 from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Fresh flowers for first 50 Moms. Moms - $9; Everyone else - $10; Preschoolers Free. 
Town of Bredenbury Tax Enforcement Tender - 221 - 2nd Street Empty Lot:
The Town of Bredenbury offers for tender a 75 ft. x 115 ft. lot for sale. This lot has three titles and is located at 221 - 2nd Street. Services are up to the lot, condition unknown.  Purchaser must start building within one year of purchase.

Mail sealed tenders to Box 87, Bredenbury, Sask. S0A 0H0 or drop off at 201 - 3rd Street by May 15, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Hydrant Flushing: The Town of Bredenbury will be flushing the hydrants on Thursday, May 3 all day. During that time you may experience discolored water and low water pressure. 

Free Garbage Pickup:
The Town of Bredenbury will be hosting a free garbage pickup May 7-10; 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. You must help load. You must call the town office at 306-8982055 to book a time for your pickup. 
Spring Cleaning:
Now that the snow has finally melted, it is time to get to spring yard cleaning. The Town of Bredenbury takes pride in the appearance of the community.
Some of the expectations are that everyone keeps their grass trimmed, their weeds sprayed or pulled and items such as old lumber, tree branches, old tires, and unregistered vehicles removed from your property. 
If you see a town owned property that can use some TLC please call the office as we try our best keep publicly owned property maintained. 

School Recreation Shed:
If you would like to borrow a set of Frisbees, the horseshoes, a soccer ball, baseball bat, bases, badminton net, soft ball, basketball, etc. there are key holders for the storage shed at the school yard by the tennis court. 
You can go to one of the following addresses and sign out the key; please use the key for only a day or less; unless you have a large event you need it for. Please lock it up after. 

School Shed Key Holders:

  • Town of Bredenbury Office - 201 3rd Street
  • Devin Schad - 110 York Street
  • Anna Bergen - 130 1st Street
  • Twila Brears - 211 5th Street
  • America Moriera -301 Dominion Street
  • Fred Nicholson - 221 4th Street
  • Ray Isaac - 91 2nd Avenue
  • Chris Friesen - 300 Third Avenue

Rink Financial Reports:
The rink season ended pretty well. Thank you to all the volunteers who spent countless hours at the rink; all your support helps pay the bills. 
This year the rink kitchen had a profit; the general rink had a loss. See summarized statement below.
Rink Kitchen: September 1 - April 30 (includes Fun spiel Revenue & Expenses)
Revenue - $23,105.20
Expenses - $13,200.76
Wage Expenses - $7,260.00
Profit - $2,644.44

General Rink: September 1 - April 30

Ad Boards - $5,847.50 Utility Expenses - $24,284.53
Donations - $1,225.00  Donations - $1,225.00 Expenses - $17,052.77
Fundraiser - $3,744.20  Fundraiser - $3,744.20 Wage Expenses - $22,930.00
GST - $2,733.49  GST - $2,733.49 Total Expense - $64,267.30
Ice Rental - $36,824.11  Ice Rental - $36,824.11  
Total Revenue - $50,374.30 Loss - ($13,892.77)  Loss - ($13,892.77)

*Previous years the town gave the rink a monthly grant of $1000; which would have been $8000 this year. (town never gave this year since town operated)
*Previous years we had a SGI grant of $5000 (which still may come their year-end is March 31) *Previous years we had an artificial grant of $2500 from Parks and Recreation (no longer exists)