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Taps Dripping:

In light of colder weather again, you may want to leave your tap dripping if you household does not use much water or if you know your service line is shallow.
Junior C Hockey Team - Bredenbury Tundra:
The Tundra team originally approached the Town of Bredenbury in early January of this year; with the request to host a Spring Camp here at end of March. Prior to this the Tundra team had sent in request to the Qu’appelle League to be considered as a new team in the league. The league currently has 5 teams and announcements will be made after playoffs of the new teams that have been approved to join the league. 
They looked at several rinks and chose Bredenbury because its proximity to Yorkton, Melville and Esterhazy; more ice time options; and overall a very nice rink.
 The Spring Camp will be held on March 25 and March 26; the kitchen will be open, please come and grab a burger. There will be a game held on March 26 at 7:00 p.m. with the top 40 players.
If approved to the league, they would like Bredenbury to be their home arena. They play to play 10 regular season home games; 10 regular season away games. They are looking at possibly hosting a 4-8 team tournament and maybe 2 home preseason games. They might do a 2 game road trip to play a team near Winnipeg. 
Practices they are going to try and go twice a week depending on the work/school schedule of our players. 
Bredenbury Market:

Open up your cook book; put those needles to work and dust off the work bench! The Bredenbury market wants to see YOU on Saturday, April 8 from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at the Bredenbury Community Hall.
Whether you have a product or a craft, baking or a service that you want to sell or even advertising, call now to reserve your space. Young entrepreneurs welcomed.
Looking to buy that little something special? Curious to know who sells your favourite product close by? Are you hungry for homemade baking? Maybe you’re restless and need a reason to go for a drive? Come and discover Bredenbury market where you can enjoy a coffee and a visit while browsing local crafters, bakers and home-based businesses in our area.
Check out the Facebook page for “The Bredenbury Market” or for more information and reservations; call Naomi at 306-621-0143. 

Library Board:

The Bredenbury Library has been a part of our community for many years. We are one of the branches of the Parkland Regional Library system. In addition to the traditional books and magazines the library now offers the use of computers during library hours as well as access to music, games and e-readers.
In order to have a branch library we must have a local library board to oversee the library within our community.
In the fall one of our dedicated library board members resigned. Paulette Walker was our local board chairperson and we will miss her on our board.
The library board is now in need of some new members.
If you are interested in becoming a member of our board please contact Gladi Andrew (898-2323) or Pam Hall (898-2123). Thank you.
Disc Golf:

Disc Golf Disc golfers have an expanded tournament to look forward to this June. The Home Inn & Suites Open will be held at Bredenbury Saturday, June 24.
“Bredenbury has one of the most interesting courses in the region utilizing what was one the school grounds,” said Trevor Lyons, Tournament Chair with the Parkland Association of Disc Golf. “It’s a challenging 12-tonal course and we are looking forward to a very successful tournament in June, and having Home Inn & Suites Yorkton involved will certainly help us achieve that.”
Lyons said the sponsorship will be used to enhance the event including growing the prize pool.
The annual tournament builds profile for disc golf, and brings visitors to Bredenbury to play, so it’s a huge thing, and we are excited to have Home Inn & Suites involved with us.
John Allen, Marketing Manager, with Home Inn & Suites said it was something they felt was good to become involved in.
“Disc golf is certainly gaining popularity, and when approached about being involved taking on the sponsorship at Bredenbury was a good fit,” he said. “Home Inn & Suites certainly services the area around Yorkton, and we saw this as a good way of giving back while supporting an activity that is a great way to get outside, be active, and have fun.”
As added incentive the top finishers among PADG members participating at tournaments, including the one in Bredenbury will be invited to partake in the Farrell Agencies Champions’ Challenge to be held Oct. 15.
For more information on the tournament series, the sport in general, or the PADG, check out, or email