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Water & Sewer: The new water bills have been mailed out. The new rate for residential properties is $160 and the new rate for commercial properties is $210.00.
For those of you that are on automatic payments, your monthly payment was switched to $55.00; this is to have rounded numbers and it will amount to $165 per quarter. The extra $5 will be applied to overages; and for those of you that do not have overages it will be applied to next bill. 
E-transfer: Maybe you don’t want to make an online payment, did you know you can etransfer to the Town of Bredenbury. Just email the transfers to and in a separate email let the office know what you are making a payment on. 
Gym Free Month: If you are interested in joining the gym membership is $30 per month or $275 per year and is accessible 24 hours a day with a key fob. Call 306-898-2055 for more information.
Pet Licenses: January is the time of year to register your pet at the town office. The cost is $10 per dog and $5 per cat. 
Cougar Games 8:00 p.m.: h January 7 in Bredenbury vs Langenburg h January 14 in Bredenbury vs Theodore h January 21 in Bredenbury vs. Esterhazy h January 28 in Bredenbury vs Whitewood h February 4 in Bredenbury vs Kipling
Bredenbury Rink: Public Skating is Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-6 and Sundays from 1-3. There will be no charge for public skating. 
Book your ice time online at or call 898-2055 and see what is available. The ice time is $120 per hour. Ice time can be paid with mastercard, visa, cash, cheque, or e-transfer.
If you want to have a family event and you are a resident of Bredenbury or a local RM resident you can book ice time for $100 per event. This does not include access to the kitchen. Bookings cannot be confirmed until 7 days prior to event. Call office at 306-898-2055 for more information.
Assessments: It is assessment year in Saskatchewan. As previously mentioned in another newsletter; our assessments will be increasing dramatically in Bredenbury.
Please find enclosed information on how the assessment process works. 
The Town Council will be reviewing the mill rate and base tax once assessments are processed to ensure that resident’s municipal taxes are affected as little as possible, based on average. Each and every tax payer’s taxes will be affected differently. 
Please note that school taxes are beyond our control, the Government of Saskatchewan sets that mill rate. The municipality collects those taxes on behalf of the school division and submits those to the school division monthly. 
Also enclosed is an information bulletin from the Government of Saskatchewan showing that our assessment for residential properties will increase by 10 %; before we were taxed on 70% of our assessment, now you will be taxed on 80% of your assessment. 
There are so many variables to this assessments and taxation year; we will do our best to make it as painless as possible without jeopardizing the income the municipality needs to operate. 
Assessments likely will be mailed out in April or May depending on SAMA.