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Water & Sewer:

For those of you that are on automatic payments, with the increase of utility bills in January your monthly payment will automatically be switched to $55.00; this is to have rounded numbers and it will amount to $165 per quarter. The extra $5 will be applied to overages; and for those of you that do not have overages it will be applied to next bill. If you have a concern with this then please contact the town office to be removed from automatic payments.


The overages will be pulled from your account June and December of each month as it is set up now; really high overages will be mailed out.


If you receive a bill and you are on automatic withdrawals it is likely because it was not pulled out manually from mailing pile.


Water bills must be paid before end of December or they will be put on taxes and will have a 10% penalty added to them; plus the registered mail fee.


Church Luncheon:

The next Church Luncheon will be November 16, 2016 from 11:30 a.m. -1:00 p.m. Roast Beef. $12 per person. Pre-schoolers free. Everyone welcome.


New Council

Your new Mayor is Jonas St. Marie. Your Councillors are Ken Reykjalin, Kelly Rudkevitch, Eric Walker and Brad Altwasser.  All members have previous council experience.

Office Hours:

The office is open Monday - Thursday 8:00-12:00; 1:00 - 5:00. Closed Fridays. The office will be closed November 10 in lieu of Remembrance Day Holiday. The office will also be closed from December 26 - December 30. Office is closed for short periods of times for banking and meetings.



Gym Membership:

The Bredenbury gym has added a bench press bar and curl bar to its inventory. It is already getting lots of use.

If you are interested in joining the gym membership is $30 per month or $275 per year and is accessible 24 hours a day with a key fob.

Do you want to work out but don’t know where to start. A group of ladies meet on Monday and Wednesday’s at noon hour and work together on a planned workout. This is a very beginner class. If you want to join, call the town office for more information. The class is free, but you must have a gym membership or pay a drop in fee of $5. Limit of 6.

We still can host a free fall class with a professional instruction; however no one has expressed any interest in this as of yet. We got a grant from Parks and Recreation to have such a class so it would cost you nothing. It likely would be on Saturday’s for approximately 6 weeks and would be a group family setting for all ages. If you think you might be interested then please call the town office and get on a list.



The office will be closed the last week in December for holidays in lieu of stats. Taxes should be paid prior to the last week in December, you may drop off postdated cheques, you may drop your cheque in the mail, you may drop cheque off at drop off box, and you may pay online (remember there is sometimes a two day delay). Taxes unpaid by December 31 will result in 10% penalty.



Maybe you don’t want to make an online payment, did you know you can e-transfer to the Town of Bredenbury. Just email the transfers to and in a separate email let the office know what you are making a payment on.


Craft Show:

The United Church will hold their annual Craft/Trade Show at the Bredenbury Hall on Saturday, November 26 from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Silver Collection. To book a table call Louise McLachlan at 898-2034 or Margaret Nicholson at 898-2122. Lunch Available. Everyone welcome.

Bredenbury Rink:

The Bredenbury Rink is open. Public Skating will be Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-6 and Sundays from 1-3. There will be no charge for public skating.

If you or your family would like to volunteer for a kitchen shift or two this year it would be greatly appreciated. Even if you are new to volunteering in the kitchen, there will be someone in the kitchen to help you get started.

If you can work a kitchen shift please call Bev Byczynski at 306-898-2081 or the town office at 306-898-2055. The kitchen is the main source of funding that keeps the rink bills paid and is a vital part of the operation.

At request of the kitchen board, a financial statement is attached.

If you are able to help make the burgers at the rink the first session of burger making will be November 7 at 7 p.m. Contact Marlene Byczynski at 306-898-2345 to see how to help.

If you have left over Halloween candy, why not donate it to the Bredenbury Rink Kitchen; they make candy bags out of it. To donate either drop it off at town office or call Pam Hall at 898-2123.

The first Cougar game will be now is November 19 at 8:00 pm.

Book your ice time online at or call 898-2055 and see what is available. The ice time is $120 per hour. Ice time can be paid with mastercard, visa, cash, cheque, or e-transfer.

Remembrance Day Service:

The Bredenbury Lions Club will be hosting the annual Remembrance Day Service on Friday, November 11th at the Community Hall with the service to begin at 10:45. Everyone is welcome to attend.

This is a day when we can all show our respects and appreciation to all those who fought to preserve our peace, freedom and the right to live in a democratic country. From two World Wars, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq and peace keeping missions around the world, many have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live in peace.

Please help to remember them by wearing a poppy and attending the Remembrance Day Service. Refreshments will be served after the service.

Lest We Forget!


Busy Bees:

The Bredenbury Bees would like to express their appreciation to the Government of Canada for their grant of $25,000 for the installation of a new tin roof and new doors at the Busy Bee Center. This project has provided the senior club with a roof that no longer leaks and peace of mind that the longevity of the club will last for years; as well as doors that are easier for seniors to access.


Are you interested in becoming a member of the Busy Bees? The membership fee is $5.00; the age is 55. The club is always looking for new ideas and new faces to enhance the senior services and entertainment in our community. Call Louise McLachlan at 898-2034 or Darlene Burman at 898-2085 for more information.


Cougar Games 8:00 p.m.:

  • November 5 in Whitewood  (8:15)
  • November 12 in Theodore
  • November 19 in Bredenbury vs Ochap
  • November 25 in Kipling
  • December 2 in Esterhazy
  • December 3 in Ochap
  • December 9 in Bredenbury vs. Rocanville
  • December 16 in Rocanville
  • December 21 in Bredenbury vs. Esterhazy
  • December 23 in Langenburg
  • December 30 in Bredenbury vs Theodore
  • January 6 in Kipling
  • January 7 in Bredenbury vs Langenburg
  • January 13 in Ochap
  • January 14 in Bredenbury vs Theodore
  • January 21 in Bredenbury vs. Esterhazy
  • January 28 in Bredenbury vs Whitewood
  • February 4 in Bredenbury vs Kipling