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Ladies Night:

With a sellout in 25 minutes the Ladies Night was bigger and better than ever! This year an outstanding $9,700 was made at the event, along with the $1000 ticket sales and basket square board! All this money has been given the golf club.


Thank you to all those that attended the event; volunteered at the event; and donated to the event; all the support is greatly appreciated.


Water & Sewer Increase:

The Water & Sewer rate increase has been approved by the Municipal Board. In January 2017 you will see the base rate increased to $160 per quarter for water & sewer. This is an increase of $10. The water usage allowed will be increased from 41cu3 to 45cu3.

The commercial water will be increased to $210 for water & sewer per quarter. This is an increase of $12.

There has not been a raise in water & sewer rates for several years. The increase was part of our long term Capital Strategy.



Church Luncheon:

Lagoon Discharge will start immediately after the removal of the crop that is on the discharge channel. Discharge has to be completed by end of October.


Fireworks Bylaw:







  • In a spate store or warehouse:





SAMA Revaluation:

In 2017 is Revaluation for SAMA, this means all residence and commercial buildings will be reassessed. Your new assessments will be mailed out in early spring for you to review.


Assessments overall have gone up significantly based on preliminary values. These new assessments will be based on estimated market values from January 1, 2015. The last assessment date was January 1, 2011.


We all know that market value has increased in Bredenbury dramatically throughout this time. Council will be reviewing the mill rate to reflect these changes.


October Fun Day/Octoberfest:

The October Fun Day/Octoberfest was a success. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Thank you to all the volunteers and patrons that came out to support this day, it was wonderful to see the community get together.


In total approximately $3,700 was raised; it has been decided but all clubs involved that these proceeds will go to the Bredenbury Rink.


Gym Membership:

They Bredenbury gym is adding a bench press bar and curl bar to our inventory. It should be here in next week or so.


If you are interested in joining the gym membership is $30 per month or $275 per year and is accessible 24 hours a day with a key fob.


Do you want to work out but don’t know where to start. A group of ladies meet on Monday and Wednesday’s at noon hour and work together on a planned workout. This is a very beginner class. If you want to join, call the town office for more information. The class is free, but you must have a gym membership or pay a drop in fee of $5. Limit of 6.



Abandonment of Poll:

No election is required. Your new mayor after October 26 will be Jonas St. Marie. Your councillors will be Ken Reykjalin, Kelly Rudkevitch, Eric Walker and Brad Altwasser. All members have previous council experience. The declarations and signing in of new Council will occur at the first Council Meeting in November.

Thank you, Russell Slowski for you outstanding job as mayor and as a councillor for several terms from the residents and staff. There have been some difficult obstacles to hurdle over the past few years but you pulled the town through and it was greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Bredenbury Rink:

The Bredenbury rink will open approximately October 19. Public Skating will be Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-6 and Sundays from 1-3. There will be no charge for public skating.

If you or your family would like to volunteer for a kitchen shift or two this year it would be greatly appreciated. Even if you are new to volunteering in the kitchen, there will be someone in the kitchen to help you get started.

If you can work a kitchen shift please call Bev Byczynski at 306-898-2081 or the town office at 306-898-2055. The kitchen is the main source of funding that keeps the rink bills paid and is a vital part of the operation.

The first Cougar game will be November 10 at 8:00 pm.


Flu Clinic:

The Bredenbury Busy Bees will be hosting Flu Clinic on November 2 from 11:00 a.m. -2 p.m. Everyone welcome.

Water Break on 5th:

A couple weeks ago there was a water break on 5th street. The repair was found and repaired in the same day thanks to our hard working employees, council and even some residents that assisted with the break. The water on 5th street was on temporary boil water afterwards for approximately 3 days.




The Council of the Town of Bredenbury, in the Province of Saskatchewan, enacts as follows:





  2. Unless otherwise specified, fireworks shall include all Class 7 explosives as defined by The Explosives Act, R.S.C E-15 and Explosive Regulations C.R.C. c599 or any amendments thereto.

























  1. Fire Chief - Fire Chief appointed by the Town of Bredenbury and his designate.
  2. Fireworks - includes Division 1 fireworks composition and Division 2 manufactured fireworks including 5 subdivisions as defined by The Explosive Act, R.S.C. E-15 and Explosive Regulations C.R.C. c599
  3. Fireworks Composition - means any chemical compound or mechanically mixed preparation of an explosive or inflammable nature that is used for the purpose of making any manufactured fireworks and is not included in any other class of explosives, and includes any star or colored fire composition that is not manufactured fireworks.
  4. Manufactured Fireworks - means explosives of any class and any fireworks composition that is enclosed in any case or contrivance, or is otherwise manufactured or adapted for the production of pyrotechnic effects, pyrotechnic signals or son signals.
  5. High Hazard Fireworks - means those Division 2 fireworks that, in the opinion of the Fire Chief, present a special hazard to persons.
  6. Low Hazard Fireworks - means those Division 2 fireworks that, in the opinion of the Fire Chief, are relatively innocuous in them and are not liable to explode violently or all at once.
  7. Pyrotechnic Special Effects - means those items that are used in the entertainment industry designed specifically for indoor and/or outdoor use. Ie. black powder bombs, bullet effects, flash powder, smoke composition, gerbs, lances and wheels
  8. Subdivision 1 and Division 2 Fireworks - comprises low hazard fireworks generally used for recreation, such as fireworks, showers, fountains, golden rain, lawn lights, pin wheels, roman candles, volcanoes, sparklers, Christmas crackers and caps for guns.
  9. Subdivision 2 and Division 2 Fireworks - comprises high hazard fireworks generally used for recreation, such as rockets, serpents, shells, bombshells, tourbillions, maroons, large wheels, bouquets, barrages, bombards, waterfalls, fountains, batteries, illuminations, set pieces, pigeon and fire cracks.
  10. Subdidvion 3 of Division 2 Fireworks - comprises model rocket engines (toy propellant devices) containing the total impose of which does not exceed 80 Newton seconds (17.92 pounds - second) and does not exceed a net propellant weight of 125 grams (approximately 4 ounces)
  11. Subdivision 4 of Division 2 Fireworks - comprises low hazard fireworks generally having a practical use, such as highway flares, fuses and other small distress signals.
  12. Subdivision 5 or Division 2 Fireworks - compromises high hazard fireworks generally having a practical use, such as distress signals, sound, pyrotechnic and smoke signals, railway track signals, distress and low throwing rockets, salutes, theatrical effects and wildlife control.







  2. No person shall keep any explosive, other than one belonging to Division 1 or Class 6 (ammunition), on the same premises where explosives of Class 7 (fireworks) are kept.
  3. Subject to Section 2.3, the quantity of explosives of Division 2 of Class 7 (manufactured fireworks) and of Division I of Class (ammunition) that a person may have in his/her possession if kept in a store or warehouse shall not exceed:






    1. 125 kilograms gross weight of Subdivision 2 and 5 of Division 2 or Class 7;
    2. 1,000 kilograms gross weight of Subdivision 1, 3, and 4 of Division 2 or Class 7;
    3. 225 kilograms of explosives contained in ammunition of Division 1 or Class 6, or;


    1. In a container:






    1. 25 kilograms gross weight of Subdivision 2 and 5 of Division 2 or Class 7;
    2. 1000 kilograms gross weight of Subdivision 1, 3 and 4 of Division 2 of Class 7, or;
    3. 225 kilograms or explosives contained in ammunition of Division 1 of Class 6.


    1. When Subdivision 1, 3, and 4 of Division 2 of Class 7 are being displayed for sale they shall be displayed:






    1. In lots that do not exceed 25 kilograms each gross weight;
    2. In a package, glass case or other suitable receptacle away from flammable goods, and
    3. In a place where they are not exposed to the rays of the sun or excess heat.








    1. Division 2 fireworks in excess of the quantities specified in Section 2.2 shall be kept in a licensed fireworks factor or magazine or in such other place as approved the Fire Chief.
    2. The National Building/Fire Code of Canada 1995 and all amendments or any successor to that Code, dictates construction and storage for explosives and facilities must meet the specific requirements contained therein.
    3. All packages containing fireworks must be clearly and conspicuously identified as such, ie. FIREWORKS
    4. Subject to any Provisional Law or Regulation or any other Municipal Bylaw as defined in Section 2.5, a person may, I reasonable precaution against accidents are observed, keep on his or her premises or in his or her possession for private use and not for sale:




    1. a quantity of Division 2 of Class 7 fireworks, not exceeding 10 kilograms gross weight, that were sold to him in accordance with these regulations;
    2. any quantity of Christmas crackers and caps for toy guns.







  2. No person shall knowingly sell any fireworks to a person who is under the age of 18 years according to The Federal Explosives Act.
  3. For the purpose of this bylaw, fireworks does not include:




    1. Caps for toy guns included in Subdivision 1 of Division 2 fireworks, and;
    2. Model rocket engines included in Subdivision 3 or Division 2 fireworks.


    1. No person shall sell Subdivision 2 of Division 2 fireworks to another person unless that person is:










    1. An operator of a factory licensed to manufacture or to sell Subdivision 2 or Division 2 fireworks;
    2. A legally appointed inspector
    3. An operator of a magazine licensed to store or to sell Subdivision 2 of Division 2 fireworks;
    4. A person who has completed a fireworks training course approved by the Fire Inspector, or;
    5. A person who has submitted evidence to the Fire Chief that he has reasonable knowledge of and practical experience in the handling and use of Subdivision 2 and Division 2 fireworks.




    1. No person shall sell Subdivision 5 or Division 2 fireworks to another person unless that person is engaged in the occupation for which the fireworks have been designed and authorized.
    2. A record of sale of Subdivision 2 and 5 of Division 2 fireworks shall be kept by the seller in the manner indicated by the Fire Chief and shall be open for inspection by an inspector or a peace officer as defined in the Criminal Code.





  2. General




    ii) a pyrotechnic special effects display shall be held only in the locations approved by the Fire Chief and subject to obtaining a Pyrotechnic Special Effects events approval in accordance with Section 4.2



    1. A fireworks display may only be held by a regularly constituted group, association, or organization under the supervision of a fit and competent group.
    2. i. Except as provided for in Section 4.1 (b)(ii), a fireworks display shall be held only in public area the Golf Course; any other public places shall receive approval by the Fire Chief and shall be located at a safe distance form all highways, railroads, overhead wires, buildings or other structures and combustible material.
    3. No such group shall hold a fireworks display without having given five (5) working days prior written notice and upon having receipt of written approval signed by the Fire Chief, and shall show:






    1. The name and address of the group and its officer in charge of the display;
    2. The date and place of the proposed display;
    3. The name and qualifications of the person supervising the display.






    1. Such display shall be held at the time and place set out in the notice and under the direct supervision of the person named therein.
    2. A fireworks display shall be conducted in a manner consistent with all safety procedures and be held and continue only while all proper precautions are being observed to keep spectators at a safe distance, including the have a suitable fire extinguishers or other suitable means of extinguishing fires at hand.
    3. All unused fireworks and all debris shall be removed by the group holding the display immediately after the display and safely disposed of











  3. Everyone who commits an offence under Sections 2 or 3 of this bylaw is guilty of a summary offence and liable to a fine of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars.
  4. The following procedure shall apply for offences committed under Sections 2 or 3 of this bylaw:
  5. No person shall set off or allow to be set off any fireworks in such a place or in such a manner that might create danger or cause harm to any person or property, or to do or cause or allow any unsafe act or omission at the time and place for the setting off of any fireworks.


    1. The Fire Chief or any member of the Fire Department may issue a Notice of Bylaw Violation to every person committing an offence under this Section of the bylaw. This notice shall require the person to pay to the Administrator of Town of Bredenbury the amount named in Section 6.1 to 201 - 3rd Street, or mailed to Box 87, Bredenbury, Sask. S0A 0H0;


    1. Every person who contravenes Section 4 of this bylaw is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine of:




    1. Two Thousand ($2,000.00) Dollars I the case of an individual;
    2. Fire thousand ($5,000.00) Dollars in the case of a corporation; or, in default of payment by an individual, by imprisonment for a term of not more than (90) days.



7.1 If any section, subsection, sentence, clause, phrase or other portion of this bylaw is for any reason held invalid or unconstitutional by any Court of competent jurisdiction, that portion shall be deemed a separate, distinct and independent provision and the holding of the Court shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of the bylaw.


The rates, charges, tolls or rents contained in this bylaw shall come into force and take effect on the day of approval being issued by the Local Government Committee.


The next Church Luncheon will be Wednesday, October 26, 2016 from 11:30-1:00 p.m.. Roast Beef. $12 per person. Pre-schoolers free. Everyone welcome.


Lagoon Discharge: