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Ladies Night & Square Board & $1000 Tickets:

Ladies Night tickets will go on sale on Tuesday, September 6 at 10:00 a.m. There will only be 132 tickets sold. The cost will be $35.

You must either call the town office at 306-898-2055 or come to the Town office at 201 - 3rd Street to get your tickets that day and time. (Do not leave phone messages as they won’t be checked until later in the day because the office expects to be busy with purchasers) Debit, Cheque, Visa and Mastercard accepted. They will sell out fast. All proceeds go to Bredenbury Golf Club.


The ladies night event date is Saturday, September 24, 2016 with cocktails at 5:30 p.m. and supper at 6:30 p.m. The theme is "Harvest Hotties" dress up as fall. Door prize, raffles, draws. Entertainment will be DJ - Trevor Kerr. Supper served by the Chalet. All draws will be made this day.


There are squares still available for a beautiful basket valued at over $1000 donated by Sagebrush Studios. Squares are $5 per square and are available at the town office. All proceeds go to Bredenbury Golf Club.


The $1000 tickets can be handed in to the town office or Marlene Byczynski as soon as a book is sold, so that we can see how many have been sold. If you need books of tickets contact Marlene Bycyznski at 306-898-2345. All tickets must be handed in before September 15, 2016.







Golf Club:

This year the golf membership was 41. There were several new members.

The clubhouse has been completed; a few additions will be added in the spring. Thank you to everyone who supports our golf club.


The membership tournament will be held on September 18, 2016. Tee off time is noon. Watch for posters.


Water & Sewer Increase:

The Water & Sewer rate increase has been approved by the Municipal Board. In January 2017 you will see the base rate increased to $160 per quarter for water & sewer. This is an increase of $10. The water usage allowed will be increased from 41cu3 to 45cu3.

The commercial water will be increased to $210 for water & sewer per quarter. This is an increase of $12.

There has not been a raise in water & sewer rates for several years. The increase was part of our long term Capital Strategy.


Spray Park:

The Spray Park will be closing for the year after September long weekend. Thank you for all who respected and supported the spray park.


Donations given will be put towards an outdoor bathroom/change room next to the park. If you wish to make a donation to this cause you can do so at the town office and a tax deductible receipt will be issued.


Fireworks Bylaw:

The Town of Bredenbury is in the process of creating a Fireworks Bylaw. The Bylaw will be sent out once complete.


The main topic will include when and where you are able to set off fireworks in Bredenbury. It will also have provisions for the storing of fireworks and selling of fireworks.


SAMA Revaluation:

In 2017 is Revaluation for SAMA, this means all residence and commercial buildings will be reassessed. Your new assessments will be mailed out in early spring for you to review.


Assessments overall have gone up significantly based on preliminary values. These new assessments will be based on estimated market values from January 1, 2015. The last assessment date was January 1, 2011.


We all know that market value has increased in Bredenbury dramatically throughout this time. Council will be reviewing the mill rate to reflect these changes.


School Yard Recreation:

If you would like to borrow a set of Frisbees, the horseshoes, a soccer ball, baseball bat, bases, badminton net, soft ball, basketball, etc. there are now key holders for the storage shed at the school yard by the tennis court.


You can go to one of the following addresses and sign out the key; please use the key for only a day or less; unless you have a large event you need it for. Please lock it up after.


Key Holders:

Town of Bredenbury Office - 201 3rd Street

Devin Schad - 110 York Street

Anna Bergen - 130 1st Street

Twila Brears - 211 5th Street

America Moriera -301 Dominion Street

Fred Nicholson - 221 4th Street

Ray Isaac - 91 2nd Avenue

Chris Friesen - 300 Third Avenue


If you to would like to be a key holder please call the town office.


The school and school yard is under video surveillance.


Gym Membership & Workshop Training & Free Exercise Program:

Fall is approaching fast and gym membership has also been increasing. Now is the time to join. The cost for a membership is $30 per month or $275 for the year. It is accessible 24 hours a day with a key fob. Drop in fee is $5.


With new members we hope to purchase a few more things for our gym. If you have a suggestion of equipment to purchase with the space available please call the town office and let us know.


Would anyone be interested in a training workshop? These workshops will be specifically designed for people who want to get into the gym but do not know how to work out in a safe and effective way. 


Workshops would be on Saturday mornings for 6 weeks and will cover the following topics: Mobility, Muscle awareness, & Cardio training-how to warm up and stretch properly to ensure your muscles are able to perform.


Developing a workout plan & routine-you will learn what is the best kind of plan for YOU and the schedule you have and feel confident about getting to the gym. There would be a charge for this workshop.


Also in the fall we have received a grant to host a free exercise program for 6 weeks, it likely would also be a Saturday. Participation will be mandatory if you sign up; because we need enough numbers. It is planned to be a family event where all ages can attend and exercise.


If you are interested in either of these events in the fall please call the town office and get on a sign up list.


Hydrant Flushing:

The Town of Bredenbury will be flushing the hydrants again this fall on Monday, September 19, 2016. At this time you might experience decreased water pressure and discolored water. Run an outside tap until your water runs clear.


Fun Day at School:

The Town of Bredenbury in conjunction with the clubs in Bredenbury will be hosting a Fun day on October 1, 2016 at the school grounds.


The day will include: Disc Golf, Soccer, Ball, Horseshoes, Basketball Hoops, and Children Games. A schedule will be sent out closer to the date.


The day will also include a Pancake Breakfast, a BBQ and Wings and Fries in the evening. There will be a cost to purchase the meals.


The evening will conclude with fireworks at the school yard and a DJ at the rink in the evening. All ages welcome.


Stay tuned for more updates.



Summer Students:

Summer students Zack Mysko and Colby Jacob have ended their term this year and are back to school. They did an amazing job, Thank you!


Summer student Luke Konkel decided to continue to work full time for the town for one more year and take classes through correspondence. We are happy to have Luke with us for another year.



Lagoon Discharge:

The Town of Bredenbury will start lagoon discharge for the fall middle of September; after crops are harvested.