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Utility Bills:

On the April 1 water bill if you have a continuous leak we will mark CL on the bill. Continuous leaks represent a leak after the water meter in the house for the past 35 days, usually leaking toilet, water heater, softener, etc. Call a plumber for advice. Continuous leaks can result in overage on your water bill.


Please note if you bill says 41E that means the meter did not read, so your information will not be up to date. For meters that did not read we will get a manual read and update your account. There were 6 meters that did not read last quarter; this is usually caused because of metal or tin blocking frequency.


Community Gym:

The community gym continues to have strong support from Bredenbury and surrounding communities. Remember for those that pay memberships monthly, they are due on or before the end of each month. The memberships can also be set up online through automatic withdrawals each month.


The more members we retain or gain the more equipment we can purchase. If you have a piece of equipment you would like to see in the gym call the office or leave a note in the gym; remember our space is limited.


Let’s get in shape before flip flops and shorts!


Golf Course:

If there is anyone interested in volunteer this year at the golf course please call the town office or contact Robert Taylor. Volunteer items include but are not limited to: cutting grass, picking up garbage and debris, cleaning clubhouse, whipper snipping, weeding and planting flowers, etc.  



Did you know the Town of Bredenbury has a roto-rooter? The charge is $150 to get your sewer line cleared. Sewer lines tend to clog up occasionally mostly because of tree roots. If you would like your sewer cleaned please contact the town office and we can schedule you in. The Town of Bredenbury will now only let town employees operate the machine.

Garbage Pickup:

The Town of Bredenbury continues to offer garbage pickup for larger items. The charge is $20 per backhoe load. Call the town office to schedule a pickup.


This spring if you are doing large renovations then please rent a bin from Ottenbreit Sanitation directly. Thank you.


Old School:

The Town of Bredenbury has begun cleaning up the school yard. We have removed several trees from the tennis court and yard site. We will continue to clean up the yard to have it nice and tidy for summer.


Lions Picnic and Spray Park Grand Opening:

The Lions Picnic and Spray Park Grand Opening are temporarily scheduled for June 7.  Watch newsletters for more details.



Taxes have been mailed out. Please remember if you pay your taxes before end of July 2016; you receive a 5% discount on municipal portion.


Office Hours:

The office is open Monday - Thursdays 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. The office will be closed April 21. The office does close occasionally during other times when there is a town issue to attend to.


Summer Student:

The Town of Bredenbury will be hiring a summer student this year. The student must have attended school in the spring and will be attending school again in the fall. The student must have a driver’s licence.


Duties will include but not limited to: cutting grass, pulling weeds, watering flowers, trimming branches, whipper snipping, cleaning town owned buildings, minor vehicle maintenance, etc.


The start date is negotiable; the position is full time for approximately 8 weeks.


If you are interested please send resume and cover letter to: Town of Bredenbury, Box 87, Bredenbury, Sask. S0A 0H0 or email to before April 18, 2016.

CPR Safety Week:

The Town of Bredenbury was contacted by CPR to declare April 26-May 1, 2016 as safety week for CP. “CP will be conducting safety blitzes in communities from Montreal - Vancouver with participation from other police agencies and schools to educate motorist, pedestrians and the general public about the role we each play in staying safe.”


“When people use railway property or tracks as walking paths, they are risking their lives, “ said Laird Pitz, CP’s Vice President and Chief Risk Officers. “Rail safety requires vigilance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We are asking everyone to consider their own safety around railroad property. The impact of an incident can have tragic consequences for all concerned, including family, friends and community.”


“CP is proud to be the safest railway I North America, with the fewest reportable train accidents per million train miles among all Class 1 railroads for 10 year straight.”


“We are pleased that crossing and trespassing incidents in Canada declined in 2015. But more work must be done. Tragically, 31 pedestrians and 14 drivers lost their lives in these preventable incidents last year.”


“One incident is too many.”


List of Rental Charges from Town - Municipality operated only:

Backhoe Charges:

$100 per hour during Regular Hours

$130 per hour after hours


Roto Rooter:

In town $150

In town after hours $180

Rural $100

Rural after hours $230


Grader Charges:

$100 per hour during Regular Hours

$130 per hour after hours.


Lift Charges:

$50 per hour during Regular Hours

$80 per hour after hours