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Utility Bills:

Since it is a new year, why not set up your utility account on automatic withdrawal.


Please note that Utility Bills are due by the end of the first month they are issued, or interest is automatically applied by the computer system.


On the April 1 water bill if you have a continuous leak we will mark CL on the bill. Continuous leaks represent a leak after the water meter in the house for the past 35 days, usually leaking toilet, water heater, softener, etc. Call a plumber for advice. Continuous leaks can result in overage on your water bill.



The Bredenbury Arena had a very busy year this year. They had a few tournaments, a Minor Sports Day, Yorkton Minor Hockey Games, Esterhazy Minor Hockey Games, Wild Cat Tournament, Cougar Hockey Games and Bredenbury Sabres Novice Games upcoming.


The estimated rental income for the year is over $12,000; in addition there was some revenue from Wild Cats and Cougars. The kitchen did very well each and every game, thank you for your support.


The last day scheduled for the rink to be open will be March 15. Thanks for your support this year.


Thanks to all the volunteers who made the rink a success. The rink board is looking for more volunteers for next year; if you can help please call the town office or rink president Terry Hall. Volunteer activities include but are not limited to: kitchen shifts, making burgers, ordering supplies, cleaning, making ice, general maintenance.


Pet Licenses:

Remember to come in and register your pet for 2016. The cost is $10 for a dog and $5 for a cat. There are still many outstanding unpaid licenses as compared to last year.


Community Gym:

The community gym continues to have strong support from the residents. Remember for those that pay memberships monthly, they are due on or before the end of each month. The memberships can also be set up online through automatic withdrawals each month.


The more members we retain or gain the more equipment we can purchase. If you have a piece of equipment you would like to see in the gym call the office or leave a note in the gym; remember our space is limited.


Let’s get in shape before flip flops and shorts!


Unregistered Vehicles:

Once again there have been several unregistered vehicles that are abandoned on several streets in Bredenbury. Please note there is a town Bylaw that prohibits unregistered vehicles from being on public property. Please have your vehicle registered or moved off public property.


Spring Thaw:

Spring Thaw might be here soon the way the weather has been. So far we expect minor runoff; but if you see an area where water is pooling please call the town office so that the area can be attended to.


Golf Course:

The interior construction of the clubhouse will begin in March, with it opening May 1, 2016.


If there is anyone interested in volunteer this year at the golf course please call the town office or contact Robert Taylor. Volunteer items include but are not limited to: cutting grass, picking up garbage and debris, cleaning clubhouse, whipper snipping, weeding and planting flowers, etc.  



Did you know the Town of Bredenbury has a roto-rooter? The charge is $150 to get your sewer line cleared. Sewer lines tend to clog up occasionally mostly because of tree roots. If you would like your sewer cleaned please contact the town office and we can schedule you in.



Garbage Pickup:

The Town of Bredenbury continues to offer garbage pickup for larger items. The charge is $20 per backhoe load. Call the town office to schedule a pickup.


This spring if you are doing large renovations then please rent a bin from Ottenbreit Sanitation directly. Thank you.


Old School:

The Town of Bredenbury are now the owners of the old school. If you have an idea for the old school or the old school yard please call the town office.



The Town of Bredenbury hopes to be able to keep the school yard neat and tidy. Children and families feel free to run and play in the school yard, but please stay away from the school building; this is town property and not a playground.


The Town of Bredenbury intends to remove all trees and broken asphalt from the tennis court and revamp it a bit.


What would you like to see for recreation in Bredenbury. Would you like to see soccer nets? Ball diamonds? Basket Ball nets?  All ideas are welcome and encouraged. Call the office with your ideas.


Grand Openings:

The Town of Bredenbury and Recreation Groups are in the infancy stage of planning a grand opening of the spray park and golf club house. We hope to have one full day of entertainment and food for the event; the date will be scheduled end of May or beginning of June.


If the weather is warm the spray park will be turned on before the official grand opening. 


Watch for further details.



Great news! There will be no increase in taxes for 2016. Taxes will be mailed out in March or April.