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Office Hours:

The office hours are Monday to Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Closed Fridays.


Arrangements can be made for after hour meeting for Town of Bredenbury items occasionally.


The office will continue to be closed on vacation days, medical appointment days, meeting days, and statutory holidays. Please call ahead if you are from out of town.


Please note that all your payments can be done online. Also there is a drop off box located in the flower bed outside the town office for Town of Bredenbury items. Also emails and voicemail messages are checked on days when the office is closed, so please send an email to or leave a voice mail if it is urgent we can get back to you.


As far as SGI transactions, you can do them as well online if you have an access code. Also you know can call the office at 306-898-2055 and renew your license or pay your annual driver’s license fee over the phone with a visa or MasterCard and it can be mailed to you. Other transactions such as new vehicle transfer of ownership, and cancellations must be done in person.



If you have extra garbage or items you wish to get rid of then call the town office at 306-898-2055 to be placed on a schedule for pickup. This cannot include: household garbage, shingles, cement pads, bricks, or large amounts of other renovation items, etc.

Spray Park:

The spray park toys are up. The plumbing hook up and test run will occur in next couple days, and then it will be winterized. The spray park is set to open on the first hot day - hopefully in May! Watch for Grand Opening Posters in the spring.


Golf Course:

The golf course power has been completed. The concrete will be poured on October 5. The framing will start after thanksgiving. The clubhouse should be fully operational by the spring, watch for details.


Ladies Night:

The Ladies Night was a success. There were a total of 132 tickets sold and they were sold out in 3 days. The profits from the evening were approximately $4500; that in combination with the $1000 Tickets and Square Board a total of $8,500 was raised for the golf course and their new clubhouse. Thank you to all who volunteered, those that gave donations, and those that attended.


Craft Show:

The Bredenbury Craft show will be held on Saturday, November 28, 2015 at the Bredenbury Hall. Call Louise McLachlan at 306-898-2034 or Margaret Nicholson at 306-898-2122 to book your table.



We are in the process of looking for a new contractor to finish the grates on Main Street. We hope to find someone before the snow comes.


Water Meter Reads:

The water meters were read on September 30, 2015. The Council has decided to adjust everyone’s water bill back to the basic amount this quarter because of the high turbidity of the water last month. So your water read is correct; however the consumption has been adjusted back to the 41 cu3.




The gym opening is postponed for a few weeks. The contractor had to order one more part to make the card lock system work.


Watch for posters and details on Facebook; hopefully after Thanksgiving.

We will host an open house and membership sign up date once it is ready.


The membership will be $30 per month or $275 per year for 2015. Why not purchase a year membership and save $85. The deposit on the key tags will be $5 which will be given back when returned.




The Town of Bredenbury is currently discharging from the lagoon, for approximately 2 weeks until levels are good for over winter.


We still have to finish the maintenance on the lagoon dykes but with the wet weather we are finding it difficult to work on them with heavy machinery. We still hope if the weather holds to complete this work before winter.



The Rink Board will be holding a meeting on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. Topics will include: executive, opening date, caretaker, rental price, etc.


The Town of Bredenbury will sponsor free public skating again this year. It is planned to be set up two days a week and may be adjusted after we see how much interest there is.


Donations are always accepted to help offset costs.